Eclipse on Nyvar

From Hell Hole to Hell Hole

Norik Morast

Journal entry #1

It was a breath of fresh air when we finally set off from Benlor’s forsaken keep. The sound of insects and birds was a welcome return. The daylong journey to Great Crossroads passed without event. Once we entered the town, we had to ignore glaring looks from the locals and rush to the temple of Torm to seek help for Xandark. We were fortunate to have the Rev with us to liaise with the head Cleric. It was a great relief once Xandark was released from his affliction, and in less time than I expected. No sooner did Xandark get better, we lost the Rev to the investigation of the keep with the cleric and some of his acolytes. He seems to be in Torm’s favor so I’m sure we will see him again soon.

At the pub the following morning we overheard some locals grumbling about some graves that had been robbed. Upon investigation, we found out that many graves have been disturbed and the locals suspect elves, but they all seem to have strong anti-elf sentient. Before we had any time to investigate, there was a town meeting called to report the capture of the grave culprit. It was not a surprise to see that suspect was an elf. As the sheriff announced the charges and evidence against the suspect we started to realize that they weren’t looking for must to hang him for. We had to fight over the yells of the mob, but we were able to convince the sheriff to give us one day to find better evidence for or against the elf. We almost had a little skirmish with the guards when the guards realized that Nibbles tried to charm the sheriff into granting us his favor, but they let us pass without incident.

After we all cooled our heads we set up a meeting with the sheriff. In the meantime we decided to investigate the graves. After thorough material and magical investigation around the graves we discovered some undead finger nails and a magical path. We followed the path as long as we could, but we had to turn back before reaching the end because we had our meeting with the Sheriff.

The meeting was a complete waste of time. Besides the sheriff getting under our skin, the elf did nothing more than welcome his death. I’m starting to think it’s a lost cause.

We hit the trail once we left the keep and eventually made our way to an old rundown farmhouse that must have been abandoned for many years. The magic trail centered on the house and became very dense. It was all very ominous. We had no clue what was in store for us. Nibbles inferred from a crow that there has been undead and elf activity in the vicinity. Things aren’t looking in the elf’s favor. The first floor of the house yielded nothing of interest. The cellar on the other hand explained what we had been searching for. We found torches of magical light and a portal. A portal that started to activate around the same time that we heard what we assumed to be undead swarming above. The screams from our horses left outside where difficult to bear. We knew we’d have a bit of a task leaving the cellar through the swarm of undead, but to make matters worse, as the portal neared making its connection, we could see an army of skeletons heading out way. Our attempts to destroy the portal lead us nowhere as a frost shield started forming over it. We had to leave and we were lucky we did. In the heat of the moment, one of us cast a spell to turn the undead and it’s lucky it did. They would have engulfed us in an instant. In a final attempt to destroy the portal, we burned down the house on our way out, lighting anything that looked like it could burn.

Maneuvering our way around the scattered undead, we ran as fast as we could away from that hell hole towards the town. Wojtek was able to take a hand of an undead as proof of our finding. We eventually got back to town and raised the alarm. If it weren’t for the hand we would have had a much more difficult time persuading them into action.

The town, prepared for battle, waited in suspense for whatever was bound our way. Eventually the undead found their way and attacked. They weren’t much trouble to handle; the stench was the worst part. Not long after the undead had fallen, our lingering fear came to fruition. The portal had not been destroyed by the fire, and an army of skeletons lead by a large villain was on our doorstep. To my surprise he wanted to meet and gave us an ultimatum. Give him the elf, or war.

War it is!



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