Eclipse on Nyvar

Fury & Fire in the Foundry

Game 12

Lt. Reverend, WarPriest of Torm.
Northern Legion of the Maine, Scout Company
Personal Journal Entries

July 4th

After getting our party member Xandark restoration heal from Cleric Commander Tonka, I reported to him the goings on at the Keep of Lord Benlar. Tonka was quite taken back and worried, he immediately marshaled some forces and I joined him to set back out to the keep so he could see for his own eyes.

July 5th

After reviewing the evidence at the Keep, Tonka cast a summon spell and an armored Centaur Sexton appeared before us. I surmise that this must be a planar ally of Tonka’s. Sexton proceeded to cast a powerful divination ritual and we saw visions of what happened at the keep. At the end, the Beholder Xist was seen walking off with Lord Benlar, his wife & child. Despite how powerful this magic was, he is unable to locate where the beholder has gone.

July 6th

After leaving a good sized force of dedicated Warriors of Torm, Tonka & I and a few of the other clerics headed back to the Crossroads. We saw that some kind of battle had taken place in Town during our absence. I talked with the party after reuniting and they told us what happened, Dark riders controlling an army of undead came thru a portal and nearly killed the Lord? Tonka was shocked, dismayed and maddened when he learned that troops had deserted their posts during the battle. I was quite proud of the accomplishment of my brethren and fellow adventurers.

The party meet up with the halfling Bard Sheena once again and she was able to introduce us to the local sage, Kelvert, who kept a sizeable library. Kelvert was able to help us identify a few items we had come across, including Lord Benlar’s sword, that apparently is bonded with some Cat Lord. I was quite bewildered and wary of the situation, but I felt our Elven wizard Skyfel could get some use out of the magic. We set out with Sheena to Kaden’s hometown, the village of Briar’s Glen, to investigate claims of forced labor.

July 7th

During the night while camped, we were attacked by Orcs. Our watch didn’t do a very good job spotting them and what could have been a very dangerous encounter we quickly dispatched. I suppose it was foolish of us to leave a fire going in these troubled lands.

We arrived on the outskirts of the village and devised a plan to get us closer. I suggested we use our former escaped slave, Skyfel, as a ruse and that we were bounty hunters/slavers attempted to get a reward.

We dismounted and walked over to the largest structure, the newly constructed foundry and asked to speak with leadership. After a rather short haggling with the thug leaders, things went sideways quickly when they agreed to the purchase of Skyfel. We ended up just cutting them down hastily and dragging their bodies inside, they were no match for our prowess. We carefully searched the building and found some glassy eyed halflings working the foundry. When we ventured closer a giant Fire Elemental spring fourth from the caldron. After Norik was burned standing so closely to the Fire Elemental, Skyfel was quick on his feet to summon the power of Roar to which caused the Elemental to draw away back into the corner he came from. As I called forth protection from Torm, I noticed a barrel of water that might be useful if the Sorcerer Xandark was able to freeze it. I and summoned my spiritual weapon and together with Kaden, had at the Fiery being. Norik assisted Xandark in their attempt to make ‘ice javelins’, however Noriks aim was not with him that day and he missed wide. I continued wailing on the Elemental, Torm protecting me from him, until he dissipated.

I thought it wise and asked Xandark to extinguish the fire from whence the Elemental sprang fourth, and I dismantled the Caldron with my Warhammer.



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