Eclipse on Nyvar

The Dragoneye Adventuring Company

From the Journal of Cleric Commander Tanka-fora, Hand of Torm.

July 7th
I cannot sleep easy tonight and will likely not sleep easy for many nights to come. The minions of the Flaming Eye had become bolder, but I fear they are losing all restraint and seem to be gathering strength.

The arrival of an adventuring company is usually more trouble than help. This young group of adventurers appeared from the south and brought bad news with them. Lord Benlar and his family are captured or worse. It seems Gzix took an active part, but Sexton’s vision though hazy and obscured suggested Gzix is indeed aligned in some way with the Oath-breaker known now as Baron Strife. The recent incident at the mine smacks of Taraseth and where he goes the assassin known as Dark Kiss cannot be far away.
The Dragoneye Adventuring Company, as I will call them for now, also seem to have enraged some necromancer, known as Kaus. Though it seems they have been fortuitous in arriving when they did. Perhaps Torm guides them, or even some nudges from the Gnomish god known as Garl Glittergold, or some other power perhaps? It seems odd indeed that this group would gather together. Humans, halflings, dwarves, gnomes and even elves and half-elves, gathered as comrades? Friends even? It is unheard of in the memory of living man.

While the Dragoneye brings some hope I am still greatly troubled. Perhaps most troubling is seeing with my own eyes something out of legend. A dark skinned elf, the legends called them Drow, so Kalbert tells me. Her body has been burned and we will try to quench rumors. If this was not some magically induced disguise or strange natural elf, I must send word through the Harper bard that the legends may be true. What would provoke them to appear is beyond me. Is it possible that Gzix has grown so powerful, or perhaps so insane, that it thinks it can treat with the Darkfolk of the Underdark? If so, what others is it willing to engage? To what end? Kalbert has sent word through Sexton to the Sages of the Wood, perhaps they can shed more light on this dark mystery.

When I reread my journal about the attack on the town I see new threats. The Gray Crossroads was attacked by a horde of undead and our losses were high. Men panicked and fled their posts, obviously ill prepared for such an attack. How is this possible? Torm protect us! Several of the young acolytes lost their lives during the battle. The senior clerics were with me attempting to solve the disappearance of Benlar, may Torm protect him!
The troubles in the area are quickly growing out of control. The Zhents have been active too long, now they are in league with the Flaming Eye it seems. This Kaus could pose a threat if his necromantic powers can truly call legions. How did he know to attack when I was called away from the town? Torm’s summoned might would have laid the creatures low. If not for the Dragoneye I doubt the town would be more than an undead infested ruin by now. I will send word to the Earl that more trustworthy troops are needed. And the temple must prepare. Some of the acolytes must be called on soon to take more responsibility in the area. New acolytes and soldiers must be trained. My own adventuring days and life on the fields of battle were years ago. While I am still hale and hardy, I must do what I can to help prepare younger warriors and faithful.
Torm protect us all!!



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