Eclipse on Nyvar

The Road to Redemption?

or the Trail of Carnage?

It’s been a while since meeting up with the gang while we take a break after that exhausting adventure to aid Seaside, but as I had hoped, we all converged again, as there is a looming trouble over these lands. Can the dragons be in danger of being controlled by a great evil? I guess that’s up to us to find out. So we’ll meet up at the Inn tomorrow to discuss just what we’re going to do about the vision that I saw…

The following day, we converge as expected, but we’re confronted by one of the Kaden’s old friends, and it seems that our little friend has left out a few details about his past. A curse was laid upon him until he could find redemption, but it seems that opportunity might be now.

We’ve all decided to aid our little friend in his quest, so we will head back to his home, Briar’s Glen, and put a stop to the evil men that have taken over his small village.

On the Road… Day one for a new adventure!

Finally! We are all together and we are on our way to Kaden’s home town. It took some convincing, but with a little encouragement the Halfling that doesn’t seemed too thrilled about much is perhaps not so excited about this adventure, but again, keeping in mind our overall goal of trying to put a stop to my vision, we must push ahead without delay.

The road will be a long one, that’s for sure. It seems that our pal the merchant, Findari, has a second opportunity for us. We are to escort his caravan to a town along the way. Which is kind of convenient for us as he’ll provide the horses and supplies for travel at least. One less thing we have to worry about.

It’s been a long trek this is to symbolize a pencil mark streak cut off of the page (Later Xandark will scribble over the top of this to mark it out)

We were just attacked by this fowl monster. It was huge, it scared the horses, we managed to subdue it pretty easily and then this crazy man that was riding along with us just cut it’s head off with a crazy huge sword! Who the heck is this guy? He seems a little … violent.

Day two…

So we continue our travel north along the trade route. Apparently this new face, The Reverend, is a former soldier from the northern lands. The war I guess, continues to rage on there. It’s been a few months since, perhaps I feel a little home sick, I miss some things but not everything. I am perfectly happy where I am now, with my new friends. I feel like I’ve kind of found my niche amongst these few men, we’re sort of all outcasts of our old lives and have come together for many reasons but through camaraderie and misfortune, we persevere together. Together we are strong and capable of accomplishing anything.

We are brought to another to a halt along our travel this day, a group of Orcs, they’ve seemed to set up a nasty little camp to ambush any who travel these roads. Luckily, we were the ones they were trying to pirate instead of someone else this day. We put an end to their evil easily enough. The Reverend seems to have brought order to our chaos, we’re working a little more efficiently with him around, so it may not be such a bad thing to let him stick with us for a while. He’s no doubt a good-hearted fellow, and has only good intentions as far as I can tell, but his ways… his ways are a bit brutal. I respect his opinion, but must we slaughter? I’m not going to say anything just yet, I will observe more over time and then we’ll come to an ultimate decision later on about this.

But the Reverend isn’t the only new face, there is also an elven arcane wizard who has joined us, practically out of the woods he came, we offered him a ride and … well, first impressions aren’t everything, but they are a good indicator at least. He certain enjoys his firey evocations, is that a nice way to put it? A pyromancer… From my school, these guys were a bit more disciplined and a lot less wild like our friend here. They were usually more militant in attitude, like our new friend the Reverend. Elitest pricks. Anyways… I diverge again. I’ve become so absent minded lately, this aging body… From young to old to old to young and back to old again, it’s becoming quite the up and down experience to say the least. That reminds me, I really must study my staff more, it may hold the key to my renewal of youth.

Instead of being raided, we raid the Orc’s camp for clues and extra supplies. Apparently these Orcs are controlled by a Flaming Eye, as they have tattooed on their bodies. It seems that our new friend, Skyfel is from such slavery… hmm. I wonder, if perhaps he’s still under the master’s control? I’ll keep a very close eye on him. Well, time to get some rest, a new day will be upon us soon and I’ve become wary and in need of more sleep.

Day Four….Back on track

This has been one long trek I must say, when I think about it, I’ve traveled a long way from home. But anyways… we’re on route to the Crossroads, we should be crossing another small Keep along the trade route shortly. I’ve heard a bit about this keep, it’s well known throughout these lands and the north.

As we ride along, it seems a bit strange, the roads … things have become awkwardly still and quiet except for our group of course. We’ve been relieved of caravan security at the last town, we make our way north along the trade route to the keep. I feel uneasy about this though, there, someone has spotted the Keep…

Day Four again … Bloody murder

Well, we make it to the Keep safely. But what we find there is far from it! Some kind of undead creatures feasting on corpses, shadow spirits haunting these walls… All these bodies, all this blood, all them bones… My, what a giant pile of bones those are. I wonder, could this have really been from the Ghouls? The group doesn’t seem to think so, I certainly don’t think so. This isn’t the only pile of bones we’ve come across either, so it couldn’t be a coincidence. Back at the caves with the evil shaman trying to mindcontrol the swamp dragon, in a cave there was also a massive pile of bones. I will have to inquire about this at the Crossroads, I hope they have a library or something.

I am a bit distraught by all this … carnage. Holes in the walls that seems to be from some kind of strong magic, something that we’re certainly not capable of. I fear that we might be getting in over our heads just a bit. I’m not sure what else to say about this place. Once a glorious Keep, the Lord and Lady are missing, the the Keep has been ransacked as if they were in search of something here, perhaps the same reason why the Orcs were raiding travels along the road? The same reason why the man was trying to control the lizard folk and the swamp dragon? Does it all have any connections? These are good questions we will have to find an answer to very soon.

We manage to kill the ghouls and fend off the shadowy wraiths with ease thanks to careful planning and strategy and not just leaping to our potential death like in past times. I suppose it’s useful to consider things before acting. But anyways, I diverge again…

There are many questions raised by what we’ve found at this Keep, hopefully questions we can find answers to at the Crossroads… One more night of rest, we will linger here around the keep, but certainly not inside, it creeps me out just a bit too much, and the stench of death, probably best if we sleep outside with the horses and supplies. Tomorrow, we will continue on our path to the Crossroads, but tonight we must get a long rest.



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