Norik Morast


Norik came from a family from the town of Greyrush, in the mountainous region near the Human city of Crossroads. They settled away from the eastern Dwarves after the war.

For generations, his family has been renowned crafters and traders of fine jewels. Being that his family had wealth, Norik had a free childhood to spend reading, crafting, and exploring at his leisure. It was always expected that Norik and his siblings would continue the family tradition, but Norik was often distracted from the mountain life by his desire to explore the nearby overlands. The smell of the fresh air, the breeze in his beard, and the sounds and colors that painted the earth were as intoxicating to Norik as a beautiful woman in a jewel encrusted crown. While Norik loved exploring around the wilderness, he was touched by a spell of clumsiness and would often return home with green stained clothes; so much so that the other younglings would tease him, calling him part elf. While the teasing was all in good fun, it helped Norik toughen up.

As Norik reached adulthood he started working with his Father, primarily with trade arrangements. The closer he worked with his Father the more he noticed the firm grip that the desire for riches held on his Father. He would work deep into the nights for days on end, and become mean and ugly when pulled away from his work; as if all else was a great nuisance. Norik noticed it in many members of his family as well. It was not the life that he wanted to live.

15 years ago, Norik’s family started trading with a town called Juiron located 50 miles east on the Rushing river. In order to profit the most his Father would take the goods himself instead of “throwing gold away to a middleman”. On one such journey while his Father and siblings were busy negotiating trades, Norik succumbed once again to the desire of exploring the great outdoors. It was on this trip that he stumbled upon the most beautiful glen. The green that rose on each side of the river was dizzyingly high and lush. Every fold of the towering mountainous valley had a little stream of crystal water flowing gently into the lake below. Norik stood in marvel at the banks of the lake and felt a connection to the place. He thought there may even be some sort of magic cast over it to make is seem so enticing. To his surprise there was only one little cottage in the glen; 100ft or so from the lake’s shore. Living there was a human man, thin, bent over, wrinkled, and gray, but always with a large smile on his face. As Norik finished a loop around the lake he intercepted the man as he was walking back up from the lake with the day’s catch. After a quick glance at Norik he turned his eyes back to the path in front of him and simply said, "Thank Lathander for such a beautiful day!” As he reached Norik, he looked at him again and nudged him with his elbow, “And Moradin too, I suppose, eh?”, then he chucked in a jovial way and went on his way up to his home.

For years Norik had returned to this town and glen during trade trips and found other marvelous location nearby. He was able to drag his Father to the glen on one such occasion, and even he, the man whose mind never wondered from wealth, paused and marveled. Norik had spoken more with the old man, Leelan, and formed a friendship with him based on their appreciation for the land. Norik never mentioned it, but was always surprised to see the man still alive year after year. Unfortunately the day came when his meetings with Leelan came to an end. When they arrived at Juiron for the last time, they noticed the town had thinned greatly and that many people were in the process of packing up and leaving. When asked about this, the residents told them that a horde or goblins have started to invade the region and they only imagine they will invade the town shortly. There aren’t enough soldiers to do anything about it either. Upon hearing this, Norik went right away to see what had happened to his treasured location and friend. As he neared the glen he could see and smell smoke in the air. He crept carefully through the trees to get a better view of the lake and cottage and his heart sank at the sight in front of him. The cottage was no more. The trees and green had turned to black and ash and the lake had an oily film to it. Goblins had set up camp. After the shock had passed, the anger set in. An unquenchable flame had built up in Norik’s heart. He couldn’t bear to see such a wonderful place be destroyed by such vile creatures. He couldn’t bear the idea of a world without such light and life. Then, from inside, he heard a voice saying, “Clear this darkness from the land. With my aid, drive them out!” Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a glint of light flash from the ground. It was an axe with the symbol of Lathander engraved on the side. Later that night, with the axe in hand and the aid of Lathander flowing through him, he cleared the glen.

With the blood of goblins soaking his garments, he stepped into the lake and cleaned himself so he could perform a proper memorial for Leelan. Norik thought such a memorial would be excepted since he felt that the aid of Lathander was due to his befriending such a loyal follower.

When Norik was ready to return to his family he searched for the axe but could not find it. He knew the strength he had received had departed, but with loyalty he knew it would come again when the time came to drive away darkness.

Soon after, Norik’s Father gave him his blessing to leave and train as a Paladin. As a parting gift he crafted a beautiful axe with a large ruby encrusted in the center with the symbol of Moradin on one side, and Lathander on the other.

Norik Morast

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