Warpriest of Torm


Fighter 1/ Cleric 3 (War Domain)
HP: 36
AC: 18, Plate Mail
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

STR 17
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 13

Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, History, Perception, Persausion
Languages: Common & Dwarven


The Reverend as his troopers call him came from humble beginnings. His parents were commoners in the town of Fort Bulwurk on the NE part of the Kingdom of the Maine. From a young age, Reverend was taught that his god Torm is the most important thing in his life. Worship of Torm varies for all but for Reverends family included: Prayer, spreading the word, service to others, showing valor in honorable combat in Torm’s name combating evil and promoting Justice. Blessed with strong devotion to duty from his parents and gifted with a large physical size and strength, joining the Army was an easy decision.

Although just an enlisted man, Reverends sense of duty was seen and noticed by all. He quickly rose thru the ranks and was given rare command opportunities typically reserved for Officers of Noble houses. Reverend was well liked and respected, using his strength, courage and duty to lead by example, there is nothing he would ask his troops that he wouldn’t do himself.

Being on the front lines and frontier often, Reverend had more exposure to the world than most. He sensed over a decade of his service that something was changing in the world…something loomed beyond the horizon and into the darkness. He yearned to be able to investigate and scout the furthest reaches of the Kingdom but was denied repeatedly by commanders above him. His feelings were also shared by one of the three Noble houses, Hoffsteader, whose lands were the closest to the Eastern boarders. Not being one to give in, Reverend looked for an option that would let him travel the world to try and gather more information about what he was sensing. Under the available laws and rules of the army, He was able to take a leave of duty for up to a year for religious purposes since he was also a certified Chamberlain.

Reverend, now searches for rumors and tale of unnatural evil that stirs.


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