Willbur SwineSpeaker

Halfling Ranger Henchman


The local swineherder was a bit of an outcast in the village, as he always smelled so terrible, but when his village of Briar’s Glen started suffering, it was his chance to step forward and help.

Willbur had begun spending time with Maeren the local Druid and learning the ways of Nature. He was about to start training to become a druid when Maeren disappeared when he went to confront the human miners.

Willbur had listened closely to
Reverend’s sermons about Torm after the party had freed the village from the charm of the Flaming Eye. He felt a sense of duty to help his people. The Party asked for help from a local boy and Willbur spoke up and warned the party when the ore cart was sighted coming into town.

Later, Willbur stealthy followed the party when they ventured to the mines and saw them slay the Young Green Dragon. It was at this point the party found him,
and he asked if he could join them to help find/free his friend Maeren.

Willbur SwineSpeaker

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