Eclipse on Nyvar

A welcome addition & the trail of Carnage

Lt. Reverend, Warpriest of Torm.
Northern Legion of the Maine, Scout Company
Personal Journal Entry, June 30th

I finally arrived in the small fishing village of Seaside on the Soutwestern coast of the Freeman lands. The ship arrived too much fan faire although I don’t know why; I suppose I should find out. I made my way to the smithy to get components for my Blessing of Protection and sermon. I know these lands are not in my Kingdom and may not necessarily believe in the Loyal Fury, Torm, but it is my duty to show them the way.

I happened to bump into a skilled Dwarf blacksmith, Norik, working in the smithy and came to find out he was part of this humored group of adventurers, by Torm’s Gauntlet I am surely on the path! We exchanged pleasantries and I told him I wished to speak with him after I got settled in. I sensed a certain air about him of discipline and devoutness; surely he would make a powerful ally.

I meet the Dwarf fellow again later in the Tavern after dispensing the Blessing of Protection in the village’s small square. We sat at the bar for drinks and he introduced me to his party, it went quite well. While they seem like quite an odd bunch, they do seem to have all bases covered and this unit should prove extremely capable. It will take me some time to figure out the short ones, the Druid Halfling and Gnome Cleric, as I have very little experience around their races. They have accepted me and I will continue to find out more about them in our travels.

As we drank some ruffian types in the middle of the tavern started to pipe up and seemed to have some grievance with the party. I chuckled watching the Human Monk Longo slip some sleeping elixir into drinks, which he gave to the ruffians. Quite a masterful handling of the situation, although I became a bit concerned when he was about to start rifling through their possessions. I went out to summon the guard to remove this Zhentarium scum from the Tavern, when I came back the party was in discussion with another curious bunch, a Halfling Bard woman and her Elven escorts.

Apparently the Druid Kaden, has a sorted past and was run out of town? Maybe that would explain the bandages around his head? But the woman Bard asked and nearly demanded repeatedly for Kaden’s and the party’s help in their Halfling village of Briar’s Glen. Sounds like usual Zhentarium strong-arm tactics that I’ve seen before. Finally after wearing him down, Kaden agreed that the party would go to his village to see if we could figure out what was going on.

Before setting out, we were approached by a merchant, Findare IV, who has had dealings with the party before. We are to escort 3 of his wagons in the direction of the village, to Deep Silver Mines? While I do not relish guard duty and would rather travel on foot cross-country, we will be helping what seems to be an honest merchant. From what I can gather, the roads appear to be dangerous. HAH! At least the troublemakers will be coming to me instead of me having to hunt them down.

The party was making fairly good time for the condition of this road (more like trail) and setup camp at sundown. While on guard duty with the Kaden under the light of a full moon, I heard a sound from the surrounding wood that immediately put me on edge. I have never seen one before, but from the description of the sound that many of my scouts have given me, it had to be an Owlbear. I quietly roused the party and prepared…the Owlbear wasted no time charging down an embankment towards one of our horses. The Owlbear stumbled on the terrain and missed several swipes in the process. I wasted no time cleaving out a enormous chunk of its wretched hide with my favorite Greatsword. I can tell my strength and combat prowess got the party’s attention. I was however impressed by the Monk’s finesse when I heard a kick of his make a resounding crunch of the Owlbears lower leg…no easy task! We dispatched the monstrosity with relative ease, I believe only 1 party member taking a hit. Before gathering the panicked animals, I ensured this Owlbear would not give us any further trouble and swiftly removed his head. I took one of the paws as a souvenir to show my men when I returned home.

July 1st
The party continued onwards. Sometime after lunch, we saw the road ahead was blocked by men? As we got closer, I recognized the features of Orcs or Half-orcs? Foolishly they demanded payment, not knowing who we were. I held my tongue and instead decided to see how the party handled the situation. A downside to a democratic party system is the time it takes to make a decision. I suppose the old man Sorcerer, Xandark, decided he didn’t want to waste any more of his waning time on this world and attempted to cast a Sleep spell over the brigands. I am not exactly sure what happened but the Orcs were quick to react and the spell seemed to fizzle, we had a fight on our hands!

With blinding speed Longo sprinted forward and netted the leader of the brigands, it was a site to behold! I knew I would enjoy this day. The sturdy Dwarf in heavy armor, Norik, and myself advanced together toward the ensnared Orc leader, but their fodder blocked our path. Before we could reach him, he held up his longsword and it unleashed a fearsome roar of a Lion, something I haven’t heard in ages! The roar panicked the animals (yet again) and our Half-elven Swordman Wojtek struggled to regain control of his mount.

While we held our line and wore down the Orc fodder, I heard yet another call of a big cat, this time a black Panther. It was the cunning little Kaden, he must have transformed himself into a Panther. He leaped on the Orc fodder holding the flank and threw him to the ground and nearly ripped out his throat, I couldn’t help but smile at his deserving fate. Seeing the look on the Orc’s faces they knew they were routed and lost hope. We made short work of them and I decided to knock out the leader for questioning.

As we dusted off ourselves and searched the dead Brigands, we noticed they had Zhentarium tattoos, why am I not surprised. We checked each other for injuries, I noticed the old man Xandark had a bolt sticking out of his back. There must be more of this brigands out there that we did not see, cowards…hopefully they learned their lesson today.

We continued onward…

Can I buy a dragon please?
Entry seven...

It’s been a while since my last entry, a lot has happened the remainder of the trip into the vast swamp land. Where do I even begin? Well, I suppose I’ll start where I left off after the last entry.

So we defeated the patrol of lizard men, we take a good long rest, Longo the monk scouts up ahead for us while we patch up and such. Apparently he found a tribal village but in the process I guess he almost got caught but luckily for us one of the few good lizardmen, a shaman apparently saved us from being raped by more lizard men.

So, the Shaman lizard man leads us back to his hiding place to elude the other lizard people. He explains a lot to us, the Ancient One, more about this Kaus… evil bastard. Apparently cause has brainwashed the lizards. But we suspect that the symbol that we’ve found before is the mark that the mind-controlled ones wear. But believe, it wasn’t easy attempting to separate the from it.

Well, after talking with the Shaman, we head off to make our own camp, rest up a little more before heading on our way toward a place that the Shaman’s prophesied us to. Before entering we hear a strange, unsettling roar. Longo and Nibbles attempt to sneak in, to see what’s going on. They return back to the group at the entrance to inform us of some lizard men camping out just inside. We do our best to surprise them and remove their trinkets so that they aren’t mind controlled anymore. But that’s kind of difficult when you’re fighting for your life against giant snakes and menacing looking lizard men.

We do what we can where and when we can. Not to rationalize it that way, but we’ll try harder next time. Anyways, the group takes a short rest while I deconstruct some arcane trap blocking our path deeper into the dungeon.

It doesn’t take long to disperse the arcane orbs from blocking the hallway and thus we move forward and onto a cavern-like area with a dark water hole and a creepy voice over head telling us that we won’t get any further. It was Kaus, taunting us. We start to move forward, but the group is being extremely cautious, afraid to attempt to pass by the water. I attempt to urge the group ahead by dashing forth, only to get snared by some wretched magical overgrowth. I’m stuck, I can’t get free. The group still being overly cautious about making their way across, then I’m attacked by crocodiles. At least that gets them moving now, my life at risk. They act older than I look sometimes, I swear.

Well, luckily, yet another challenge for us to overcome. I almost get eaten by a crocodile, but the dwarf Norrik jumps in to clobber the thing over the head with his axe. At least somebody’s not afraid to get in there and mix it up a little besides me!

Anyways, we take a short rest, Longo dissppears and Wojtek runs off like he’s a one man army or something, who knows what he was thinking, or wasn’t thinking. We follow shortly after, finding a carved out area in the mountainous structure. Within is several rooms, storage rooms and bedrooms. We find a dead elf, then we search the rooms for a moment before continuing through to what seems to be the end of this place.

At last, we catch up to Kaus. He’s doing some kind of evil ritual to give himself magical ambience and strength. We confront Kaus, the ugly metal-faced slug. It’s not easy, but with the help of a majestic elk formed by the druid, and myself left standing, we manage to thwart the evil Kaus and save the day as per usual. Risking life and limb and for what? Very little gratitude.

Well, not the point. The point is, we defeat Kaus this time but he manages to escape our grasp yet again. One of these days, I’m going to put a spell on that bastard that he can’t get away from. But we free the lizardmen from Kaus’s control, we find a spherical orb, an orb that belongs to an ancient black dragon actually… how do I know? Well, we get confronted by the dragon on our way out of this place. I try to barter with the dragon, the only thing he cares to share with us is well, the fact that apparently there is an evil cult trying to snatch up all these dragon orbs, putting these lands in peril and well… I guess it’s our destiny to stop them. This ragtag bunch, I suppose they’re good group to travel with, although I kind of wish they’d grow a little more courage. All this stealthy stuff doesn’t suit me well… but that’s a debate for another day. We’re going to be stuck together for what could be a while it seems, so I’ll try to make the most of it. At least we’ve stopped Kaus, helped the people of Seaside, and the lizardfolk get back to their normal lives again… I hope.

Well, I guess from here we’ll head back to town and take a much needed break from adventuring for just a while until we can discover new leads on this situation.

Oh yeah…. where the did that monk run off too? I suppose we should go look for him. Ugh. Here we go again…

Into the Mire
Tracking the Zhentarium Pirates

Entry Six…

So we get to the pirate camp and from there we track their trail back towards the Blackscale Mire (lizard folk swamp). We assume that they’re working in conjunction with the lizards at this point, they must be. We follow their trail for hours, it seems that we may be catching up with them, until we reach this eerie looking hill with just a couple of trees and a body hanging from one of the branches. It’s pitch dark, I can’t see much but a few of the others can but before we can really investigate we’re ambushed by some odd creatures, Treants or something, tiny Bush-creatures, horrific flesh eating swam of beetles. It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t pretty at all, we but manage to fight off these creatures before they hang us like they did the pirate Captain who escaped the ship the night before.

So, Wojtek found a bloody letter describing one of the pirate’s situations and then we continue moving on, following the tracks that the group left behind only to get ambushed by a Blackscale Lizardfolk patrol. A very ugly and dangerous situation we’ve gotten ourselves in. I nearly get raped by a pair of Lizardmen, fortunately the druid’s entangling spell prevented them from capturing and dragging me away. And the other group manages to overwhelm our potential captors and we pull off yet another victory. It seems that fate was in our corner this night…

-Xandark Wraithsong

Savy Salty Dawgs
No good deed

Entry Five…

We saw, we conquered, we nearly died numerous occasions. No not really, we actually did pretty good! Like I said, this group seems well prepared for the violent life, scary but true. So, we try our plan of sneaking and attacking while they’re asleep below. It seems that even the most well thought out plan doesn’t always work as you want it to. So, a little improvisation and we manage to defeat the crew of the ship and rescue the captives. We take the ship back to the town and we offer the ship up to the town because they are in desperate need of trade commodities.

The townsfolk celebrate our arrival, we’re lathered with gifts… well, alcohol, which I don’t think the group complains about much. There’s a few ladies that show interest, but they all seem like they could be my grandmother. Yet another drawback of being an old man. I just love it. This curse, this blessing, this is my life now so I suppose I should just accept it either way…

And here I think after such an epic adventure we deserve a good night’s rest… nope. We’re far from done, we have to chase down a landing party now, what have I got myself into? Perhaps this adventuring lifestyle isn’t fit for my aging body, I feel more run down than usual but luckily we’ll still get a long nights rest before pursuing the landing party on foot. All this walking is killing me, I just want to get that out. My feet are sore, my aching brittle bones… Will I have be able to find a way to get back my youth?

So, we get up bright and early in the morning and head back toward the lighthouse and pirate camp. Yay. Everyone is getting ready to leave now. Yet another long day ahead of us, wonderful.

-Xandark Wraithsong

Nitecrawler Spotted
A new friend joins

Entry Four…

The group heads back to town, although we take a little more time to travel carrying an extra load this time. So, we meet up with Thorgrim once we’re back, inform him of the situation, what we’ve accomplished and what is on the horizon. He also introduces us to a Paladin that’s just entered town that goes by the name of Norik Morast. Apparently his clan is well known around the village. As we speak with the head figures in town about what the town needs to do and what we can do to help. They suggest that we aid them with building a new ship. So, my wonderful job of delivering water to the workers earns me a fortune while the others find some lucrative jobs to do as well.

After a long day, we head back to the inn to get a good rest that night and believe me, after all this action I could use a long rest. This body of mine, I find more and more limits each day, it’s starting to become a burden the physical limitations I suffer from this weak old body. But anyways, the second day we run into what’s his name, inform him of the pirates and then tells us he’ll make the local fishermen keep an eye out for these reinforcements on their way and inform us when they are spotted. Lucky for us, it doesn’t take very long.

The very next day, the fishermen report that they’ve spotted a large ship not far off coast, thus the gang and the townsfolk begin devising a plan to confront them. Ugh. Unfortunately, it seems that we like to do things in the cover of night as well, but this time we’re heading out to sea to basically pirate a pirate ship. Fantastic ideas. Well, I suppose we’ll see how it goes. Best get a good nights rest before our incursion.

-Xandark Wraithsong

The Lighthouse
Pirates Present

Entry Three…

I get a little extra sleep today, a nice long rest to awaken fresh. This group I’ve come to find myself with, an odd Halfling druid wrapped in bandages perhaps diseased or something? Who knows. There’s a rather eccentric gnome cleric who firmly believes in Garl Glittergold, a half-elf mercenary, and a monk. I’m sure each of them have interesting stories to be told I just haven’t asked much of them yet, I didn’t want to seem too curious or impose on them much. I’m still trying to learn their names, but the Gnome likes to be called Nibbles. Anyways, the day was spent traveling toward the lighthouse, it was much further than I thought it would be but I know we’re close just not close enough to get there tonight so we’re going to camp tonight.

While camping, we take turns on watch. I start first early evening, then the gnome begins his shift. That’s about the time when there’s a minor disturbance, apparently a mother bear and her cub decide to get a bit too close to our camp, so we decide to pick up and move on a little closer to the lighthouse. We didn’t hear any more from those family of bears, we get a pretty good rest in but wake up early the next day. I just knew this wasn’t going to be a good day when we get up at the crack of dawn. What were these people thinking? Ugh. We head toward the lighthouse at this point. I had a bad feeling about this… that or I just needed more sleep. Well, either way, we reach the lighthouse and there we’re ambushed by a few pirate scouts. One of the party goes down, but we manage to pull out the victory without much more fatality luckily. A lousy fighter if you ask me, he needs to invest in better armor or something.

We capture one of the Scouts but the other one gets away. So, the group interrogates the one we capture, try to find out what we’re up against. A group called the Zhentarium and there is a larger group of them somewhere near by. We also investigate the lighthouse and well, sadly the keeper and his family were murdered and the mirrors that make the lighthouse operational were taken. Very unfortunate, but we’ve recaptured it, bury the bodies properly, wait to set up an ambush if the larger group come for us. However, a well laid out plan means nothing. So, after taking a short rest, we decide to pursue the larger group of pirates ourselves. Easily we find the encampment, very sneaky sneaky. We surprise the Zhentarium pirates.

In my humble opinion, this group seems to lean more toward the violent side at times. I’m not sure if it’s just the situation or if they themselves feel that way. I’m not sure about any of them yet, but none of them seem that bad, except maybe that Halfling with bandages all over him. Hmm, I’m curious his story the most, but I’m sure they all have an interesting story.

Well, we defeat the larger group of Zhentarium pirates, we find some treasure, some clues about what I assume is a leader-like figure named Kaus in a letter we’ve found, and of course news of reinforcements on their way already. I feared this. This group won’t be push-overs, and these townsfolk are in desperate need of help.

-Xandark Wraithsong

A party forms

Entry Two…

Waking up on the beach, the ship looks like it is in a million pieces… at least that what I can see on the beach. I’m one of five other survivors laying on the beach amongst the debris. Of course, the others awaken before I am able to, my assessment is that this body is in a weakened state. I’m surprised that it is able enough to withstand such a traumatic experience. I must not waste my time, it’s very precious now.

It takes a little time to find my belongings, a large creature has made it’s home ontop of my bag. Fortunately, one of the other survivors aid me in retrieving it. Out of necessity the group of survivors band together to travel south toward the nearest town. It doesn’t take very long to get there after we gather up our belongings. It’s not hard to find a small village along the coast somewhere.

Once we reach the port town, the guards confront us at a village called, Seaside. Confronted by Thorgrim, the local sheriff at the gates we are able to enter the town only after leaving our weapons at the guard station to be picked up after we exit town.

The sheriff points us toward the local inn, we go there and mingle with locals to find out more about this shipwreck only to find out later that there has been a not so unusual string of similar events which in turn has prevented this Seaside village from a lot of it’s important trades, hurting it’s economy. The people aren’t desperate yet, but they are wary of the situation they are in and realize that something needs to be done. Fortunately for them, this makeshift group of adventurers has come together to take on the mantle of solving these townsfolk’s problems.

Talking to several different locals, there seems to be a multitude of problems plaguing this village. I sympathize, they are in desperate need of assistance. Lizardfolk, shipwrecks, missing steeds, lighthouses not working… But I feel that somewhere in this misfortune we will find our destiny. I don’t want to sound like I am solely trying to earn fame or fortune from these poor townsfolk, however this is a prime opportunity that I’ve been seeking for.

I couldn’t pass as a Wizard, nor a Bard, but perhaps, just maybe this innate sorcerous magic if I learn to control it… well, that’s a possibility but it’s not certain. Best to not plan for such fickle things, but I will keep doing what I can to master this magical gift that I’ve been blessed with. Or cursed with.

Well, the group and I will start by seeking out the Ox that the merchant lost in the swamps. The swamps aren’t that far from the town and it doesn’t take us long to get there. Upon finding the ox stuck in the mud with some strange creatures latched onto it, seemingly sucking the life out of it. We quickly dispose of these awful creatures, I really must learn to shoot a crossbow better, or something. We end up escorting the Ox back to the town, the others are insistent on informing the owner first thing in the morning.

-Xandark Wraithsong

Wreck Ashore
Enter the Storm

Entry One…

I decided to keep a diary of my adventures, so that if something were to happen to me others could be made aware of my story. I’m not sure whether it would do anyone good or not but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to be boarding the Long-Winded in the next day and travel to Prydesden, it’s a larger city, perhaps I can find other adventurers there to work with. No body seems to be aware of my true age, they assume that because I look old that I am old and therefore have a wisdom with my age. Heh. I’ve spoken with Captain Borris about my passage aboard his ship. It seems that he is in need of a linguist, that and I told him I could offer great assistance with evaluating rare trade goods that he may or may not come across. Apparently, this is the only way besides paying the Captain a large sum of gold to travel.

Traveling the seas aboard the Long-Winded ship toward Prydesden. The voyage will be quite a long one, I’ve never been on a ship on the seas before, it should be fun and interesting to say the least. I’m feeling a little queasy just thinking about it, truthfully.

Several days into our travels, a few bad storms, again tonight another terrible storm that seems worse than any that we’ve encountered before. I hear a loud crashing sound, I best go and check it out…

-Xandark Wraithsong


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