Eclipse on Nyvar

Into the Mines

Game 14

Lt. Reverend, WarPriest of Torm.
Northern Legion of the Maine, Scout Company
Personal Journal Entries

July 8th
We knew a shipment of ore would be coming to the foundry shortly after breakfast, so we setup plans of an ambush. I got on Fury and waited behind the brewery for the word from Kaden. When Kaden demanded they surrender to be arrested, one of them got toasted by Skyfel when he went for a weapon. The other fellow on the cart seemed more reasonable and we got much useful information from him.

The cart driver told us that another Mage run the show in the mine and that there would be many traps and even a Green Dragon? I highly doubted that. He told us there may be a back entrance but he’d never seen it. I will put in a good word for this man when he is to be put on trial by the halflings.

After having dispatched the cart, we decided to finish seeing what was in the foundry and took a the remaining hallway. We appear to have found the hidden quarters of the Mage I beheaded and found a few magic items: Sentinel shield, Halfling Leather Armor of Poison & Acid Resistance, Ioun Stone of Spell Storing.

We continued on and dispatched some Ogres foolish enough to tussle with us. We discovered a cavern with what I believe was the river in the area. It appears the Ogres were polluting it by dumping Slag from the foundry.

After a short rest, we headed out to the mines and scouted the area, looking for the back entrance.
We found it! A small mineshaft in the back of the hills that lead down at an angle and opened up into an enormous cavern. We sent Kaden in and he spider-climbed around but was very uneasy about the whole thing. Could this be the lair of a dragon the Driver mentioned? We debated what to do.

Finally we decided we would go all in and climb down into the cavern. I setup a silence field so we could nail our pitons into the stone and rope down. We got the bottom and a large glyph, hidden beneath the dust was triggered…I was struck rigid as was Kaden. The pool of water in the cavern began to move and the head of a young green dragon began rising. My heart pounded and I began second guessing the strategy until Skyfel quickly dispelled the magic and we were freed from the Hold Person magic.

The party advanced quickly, launching all number of ranged attacks at the Young Dragon. Skyfel let loose a Fireball that clearly hurt the beast and blackened his bright green scales. I was shocked to see a storm cloud form and Kaden seemed to direct a blast, no two blasts of lightning into the Dragon. The Dragon roared and let forth a cone of noxious gas that made 3 of the party cough and weeze, but not stop us. I quickly estimated the Dragon might be attempting to flee so I directed our new strongman, Trigal, to attempt to grapple it to weigh it down so it could not take flight. Trigal got hold of the dragon and it even seemed to help him hurl his Greataxe into the midsection of the Dragon…it fell to the ground. By Torms shiney plated hands, we had just slayed a dragon! HUZZAH



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