Eclipse on Nyvar

Negotiations at Round River

The Displaced

Acting Commander’s Log, Cavalier Freddricka of the Order of the Lion
Nov 23rd, 2014

It has been a hard week’s ride to Round River, a town outside the established border of our Kingdom of the Maine. Half of our squad has been dispatched to assist Duke Armund Hoffsteader’s son-in-law, Marquee Campbell negotiate with local Moon Elves.

We rendezvoused with the Marquee’s advisor, a old wizard by the name of Zannan, just outside of Hoffstead. He guided us to the town of Round River and filled us in along the way. Apparently nearly a month prior an Elven outrider came into town and gave them a warning that their tribe, Moon Leaf, was returning to winter in its most sacred valley, and that Round River must be abandoned or face complete destruction. The Marquee at first laughed at the threat, until a week later when the tribe nearly two thousand Elves was seen making an encampment overlooking the valley.

Several of the Marquee’s staff attempted negotiations but all faired poorly. The last straw was Zannan attempting to intimidate the High Chief Howls-at-Moon with magic (which was easily dispelled by the powerful Druid Chief) at which point he issued them an ultimatum — one week to evacuate before the town would be reduced to rubble and ash along with anyone left inside it.

Nov 24th, 2014
We consulted with the Marquee including all of his town leaders, Captain Gordon, Priestess Olivia and even a few villagers. While the Wizard Zannan and Priestess Olivia wished to avoid bloodshed if possible, they were committed to their leaders decisions. The Marquee and Captain Gordon of the Watch were much more hawkish and already making perpetrations for the upcoming assault and siege.
They felt they could hold the primitive Elves at bay long enough to receive reinforcements from the Duke in Spring. They also felt leaving the town would be just as deadly, as the winter had already set in and moving the old, sick and young would be as deadly or more so than the Elves.

Our half squad, consisting of myself (Cavalier Freddricka), Sorcerer Baldewin and the Monk Jehan set out to meet with the Moon Leaf Leaves ourselves. They recognized us as different new negotiators and were quite pleasant and welcoming. Their equipment and culture seemed quite primitive, as the Marquee had said; animal furs, bone and stone weapons and nearly everyone had a bow of some type…including the women and young.

We were taken to the Chiefs tent but only his wife, Dreams-in-Sky, was present who greeted us and negotiated in his place. Although she was warm and cordial, she was quite firm in her position as well…the humans had to leave, as the Elves had a 20 year migration which lead them back to this valley, to commit sacred rites, including the spreading of ashes of the fallen and marriage of the young. The best deal we got was her offering some of her scouts to help the Town citizen as far as halfway to the Maine border, which was helpful but still dangerous. She also invited us to attend her Son’s wedding rehearsal the next evening.

We relayed this information to the Marquee but he still remained hawkish. He had helped construct this Town nearly 7 years prior and did not want to give up so much work. We assured the Marquee we would try again but also be willing to fight for the Town if it came to blows.

Nov 25th, 2014
We attended the wedding rehearsal and were introduced to the High Chief Howls-at-Moon as well as the different families that made up the tribe. There was a particular family, the Bloodthorns that snubbed both myself as a woman and the other humans in my squad. Near the end of the rehearsal, the Groom, Tall-as-Pine and his bride to be, Smells-as-Spring invited us to a private ritual shortly after the rehearsal. They explained that it was good fortune for far away travelers to both attend the wedding and to do so we would need to be initiated through this ritual.

We went to their tent shortly afterwards to find no guards posted and lights out. Jehan went around back and discovered a slit in the tent and the bodies of the young couple. He return to inform me, so we all went around back and got out a light to verify what he had seen. Blood was everywhere and the bodies had been pierced with what looked to be bone weapons. Jehan was able to find tracks leading away, but we were too slow and the tracks were lost to dark of the night. I thought it best to report this immediately the Elves, as I knew our innocence would be known. We came before the High Chief and broke the bad news. He immediately summoned his elite guard and cut us off shouting at us that this was an internal Elf matter and that we must leave immediately before we could ask any questions or offer any assistance. I could swear I heard the Elvish name for one of the families introduced at the wedding rehearsal. We thought it best to retire for the night as well, bowed and returned to Round River.

Nov 26th, 2014
During the evening, we were attacked in our cabin by agents of this BloodThorn family. We easily dispatched them, thanks to Jehan silencing their Druid. We got our breakfast and headed back to the Moon Leaf encampment, noticing a pile of burring corpses on our way in. We showed Howls-at-Moon the armor of one of the assailants and he confirmed that the Bloodthorns were racist and isolationist faction within his tribe and they had attacked us and murdered his son and his wife to be. Shortly after we asked about the burring pile and he informed us it was Human raiders they had killed, however they had captured and kidnapped his wife, Dreams-in-Sky. He informed us the Town would be turned to ash on the morrow. We insisted we had no knowledge of this and had not condoned it, I think he believed us but we were still escorted back to Round River by an Elven patrol.

We went to the Guard Station to discover Captain Gordon had been the one who ordered the kidnapping. He was vile and twisted. He was quite proud of his handy work and said we had the upper hand now and the Elves wouldn’t dare attack when they had a hostage. He was ready to kill her on the spot should the Elves attack. I didn’t think to ORDER him to standdown, but instead we went to the Marquee to break the news of his underlings actions. He didn’t seem to phased by the Captains tactic, but we got him to ORDER the Captain not to harm the prisoner.

No amount of further negotiating was going to help, we dug in.

Nov 27th – Jan 31st
The Elves first waves managed to disable the moat controls and get nearly to the center of the town, burning most of the buildings on the outer edge of Town. The humans rallied behind us and Captain Gordon, our heavy armor, squad tactics and the healing of the Priestess allowed us to push out to the moat controls and use the nearby river to flood the moat. It took another 3 weeks but we were able to clear the Elves from the Town and keep them at a distance. The High Chief Howls-at-Moon released a devasting lightning storms that further racked the rest of the wooden structures, however the Protection from Elements Ritual cast by the Priestess & her clerics saved the stone structures. On the last day of December on the Full Moon the High Chief rallied his remaining fighters and look ready to finally ready to overrun the Town. We sallied out with Captain Gordon who launched a surprise rush catching the Elves off guard. Howls-at-Moon started the gruesome transformation into a GIANT werewolf. However before he could finish this process, Captain Gordon unleashed a SILVER BOLT from a giant siege crossbow, striking the Chief in the heart and killing him instantly. The Elven fighters were shocked routed quickly.

We Elves came back to gather their dead and we have not seem them for weeks. We have sent out scouts and see no more signs of the Elves in the valley.



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