Death Cleric of the Eclipse

First Encounter at the Abandoned Temple of the Lizardscale Heretics

Kaus is a Death Cleric the party encountered in the Abandoned Temple of the Blackscale Heretics. Apparently he had harnessed a rift to the Plane of Negative Energy and using it to power his evil magic and mind control over the Blackscale Lizardfolk. He was preparing a ritual to animate dead before Kaden snatched the ritual scroll and burned it.

He was able to slip away from the party, melding into the stone, but not before dropping his Blackened Staff. The party then discovered and took the Obsidian Dragon Orb.

Zombies at the Gates: Crossroads

Kaus was sighted a 2nd time at the town of Crossroads as it was being sieged by an army of undead. The party interrupted him in time to stop him from getting in Lord Governor Foster’s keep. They injured him but he was able to escape on horseback. He revealed that party had fought and killed Wojtek’s father and that his mother was a heretic!

Greyrush: Temple of the Iron Hand & Aftermath

Kaus was conducting a ritual to break free of the wards at the Temple when the party stumbled upon him again. After a furious battle with Kaus and his Half Dragon Kobold gladiator, the party cut the Iron Hand from his body.

Bright yellow light exploded out of the wound and Kaus feel to his kneels clutching and shielding the wound.
His dark skin slowly brighten to a lighter tone and his hair regrew into long golden blonde.

“Free…Free at last…free of this nightmare. I have been a prisoner in my own body, witness to horrific crimes”
“The Witch-Queen, she knows of you…she will surely send other champions to stop you”
“You must tell your Elven friends to find a way to shield their minds…all elves are compelled to obey her will. Visit the Darkeyes of North Spire”
“Tell Wojtek, I did not mean what I said of his father, he was a great friend of to me and to the elves. He MUST seek out your mother for the truth”
He softly says “Thank you Friends”
Moments later, his body is turns to bright yellow light and shoots as a pillar into the sky, through the rock…all that remained was the Iron Hand which morphed into a icosahedron before it hit the ground and his magical scale armor.


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