Leveling Progress & Creatures Encountered


1.1 Wreck Ashore and the Lighthouse
Creatures Encountered: Strige, Crocodile, Scout, Bandit, Spy (Pirate Officer), Thug, Acolyte


2.1 Attack on the Nitecrawler
Creatures Encountered: Bandit (Pirate), Commoner (Crew), Mastiff, Troglodyte (Lizardscale Divers), Noble (Pirate Officer), Spy (Pirate Captain)

2.2 Pursuit in the Blackscale Swamp
Creatures Encountered: Vine/Twig/Needle Blight, Swarm of Insects (Beetles), Lizardfolk, Giant Lizard, Tribal Warrior (Mounted Lizardfolk Riders)


3.1 Temple of the Blackscale Heretics
Creatures Encountered: Lizardfolk, Giant Poisonous Snake, Giant Constrictor Snake, Lizardfolk Shaman, Crocodile, Swarm of Rats (Baby Crocodiles), Skeleton, Priest

3.2 A Welcome Addition plus the Trail of Carnage
Creatures Encountered: Owlbear, Orcs

3.3 The Haunted Keep of Lord Benlor
Creatures Encountered: Ghoul, Shadow, Shadow Demon, Helmed Horror


4.1 X Marks the Spot…where the dead walk
Creatures Encountered: Zombie

4.2 Showdown @ Crossroads
Creatures Encountered: Zombie, Deathdog, Acolyte, Wight. Skeleton, Minotaur Skeleton (Bone Golem), Guard Drake, Specter, Kaus (5th lvl Priest)

4. 3 Fury & Flames at the Foundry
Creatures Encountered: Orc. Bandit, Thug, Bandit Captain. Fire Elemental

4.4 Blinding the Eye of Charm
Creatures Encountered: Ogre, Mage


5.1 Prequel Oneshot-King of the North: The Slaying of Nivis Iceblood, Terror of the Tundra (White Dragon)
Creatures Encountered: Dire Wolf, Winter Wolf, Yeti. Young White Dragon

5.2 Rolling on the Green
Creatures Encountered: Ogre, Young Green Dragon

5.3 Iron Liberation
Creatures Encountered: Flesh Golem, Mage. Ogre

5.4 Ambush at Dunlap
Creatures Encountered: Druid, Beserker, Hobgoblins

5.5 The Treachery of Dunlap
Creatures Encountered: Hill Giant, Brown Bear. Vampire, Flesh Golem


6.1 The Mayor of Dunlap
Creatures Encountered: Goblin, Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Warlord, Bugbear, Druid, Mage, Vampire.

6.2 Oneshot – Trouble Brewing in Blackwood
Creatures Encountered: Night Hag, Green Hag, Drider, Giant Scorpion.

6.3 Greyrush & The Temple of the Iron Hand
Creatures Encountered: Hook Horror, Darkmantle. Violet Fungi, Shrieker Fungi, Carrion Crawler, Rust Monster.

6.3.1 Oneshot – Bard to Sea (did not count toward total)
Creatures Encountered: Bandit, Thug, Bandit Captain. Kuo-Toa, Kuo-Toa Whip, Kuo-Toa Monitor, Kuo-Toa Archpriestess

6.4 Temple of the Iron Hand: The Forge & Ancestors Guardian
Creatures Encountered: Dust/Magma Mephit, Flameskull, Earth Elemental, Water Weird

6.4.1 Oneshot – Negotiations at Round River (did not count toward total)
Creatures Encountered: Druid, Scout, Spy.

6.5 Temple of the Iron Hand: Finale, The End of Kaus
Creatures Encountered: Ochre Jelly, Gelatinous Cube. ArchCleric of Death, Half Dragon Gladiator, Spy (Kobold Assassins), Guard (Kobold Protectors), Acolyte (Kobold WyrmPriests)


7.1 Hnossi and the Wishing Well
Creatures Encountered: Shadow Demon, Mage.

7.2 Tribe of Trigal
Creatures Encountered: Galeb Duhr, Orc, Tiger. Displacer Beast, Wolf. Troll, Troll Shaman.

7.3 The River Algune
Creatures Encountered: Earth Elemental, Giant Toad.
Other creatures encountered but not fought: Treant, Awakened Tree, Awakened Bush, Giant Snake.

7.3.1 Tides of Trepidation
On a remote island in the Tall Tree Keys, Kuo-Toa of the High Tide faction captured Zhentarium pirates for ‘conversion’. The Archepriestess probed the mind of the Captain “The Nameless One” to reveal other settlements within striking distance to aid in the High Tide expansion plans.

7.4 The Minds in the Ancient Home of Rial Elzzup
Creatures Encountered: Grell, Umber Hulk, Giant Spider, Wraith, Specter, Grimlock, Ogre, Gargoyle, Mind Flayer, Goblin.



8.1 Outpost Foundations: the Pass of No Escape & Under our Nose
Creatures Encountered: Orc, Ettin, Hill Giant, Barlgura, Mage. Ogre

8.2 Things to Come
Creatures Encountered: Peryton, Wyvern

8.3 The Cure for Wojtek
Creatures Encountered: Imp, Bearded Devil, Bone Devil.

8.4 Return to MoonDale
Creatures Encountered: Stone Golem, Air Elemental

8.5 The Fall of MoonDale
Creatures Encountered: Bearded Devil, Hell Hound. Spined Devil, Barbed Devil, Marilith (custom CR 8). Cambion, Boss-Horned Devil, NISROCH


9.1 Escape from MoonDale & Scouts from the East
Creatures Encountered: Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Captain, Troll Boar, Priest.

9.2 Escort Quest
Creatures Encountered: Dark Hyena (Hell Hound)

9.3 Snatch and Fly
Creatures Encountered: Invisible Stalker, Dust Mephit. Revenant.

9.4 Disaster Averted, Skyfel sets off all Traps
Creatures Encountered: Veteran

9.5 Babayaga’s Hut & the Phoenix Feather

9.6 Eyestalks of the Beholder
Creatures Encountered: Orc, Ogre, Beholder

LVL 10

10.1 Treasure Map to the Enchanted Forest
Creatures Encountered: Evil Twin, Banshee

Leveling Progress & Creatures Encountered

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