Timeline of Events

  • May 16-23rd. Party boards the Longwinded trader sailing ship bound for Prydesden
  • May 24th-29th. Longwinded starts sailing to Prydesden from South coast
  • May 30th. Storm rolls over the Longwinded and ship is struck by lightning…FADE to BLACK
  • June 1st. Party awakens on beach and travels to Seaside Village. They meet Town Captain Thorgrim and talk to locals in the Tavern and listen to rumor. They set out into the swamp to look for Bessie and the source of the recent shipwrecks
  • June 2nd. Party returns with Bessie the Ox and gathers reward from Findare IV.
  • June 3rd. Party sets out back into the swamp and come out to the coast to the Lighthouse.
  • June 4th. Party defeat Zhentarium pirate scouts and bury the slain Lightkeeper family. Press on and discover the pirate encampment and false lighthouse. Slay the pirate officer spy and loot the camp. Take mirrors and lighthouse equipment from false lighthouse and burn it. Return to Lighthouse and reinstall mirrors to get it up and running again.
  • June 5th. Party returns to Seaside and brief Thorgrim on their victory over the pirate camp.
  • June 6th – 13th. Party downtime WORK, assisting new ship construction funded by Findare IV. Local fisherman spot the pirate ship offshore and attack plans are made
  • June 14th. Attack prep in town gather materials from stores, fisherman row group out to Nitecrawler.
  • June 15th. Party rows captured Nitecrawler back to Seaside and the town rejoices. Party rests then sets out to the Pirate landing site. Nitecrawler departs Seaside village for Prydesden to re-establish trade supplies.
  • June 16th. Party tracks pirates into Blackscale Mire swamp, encounters hostile plant life, finds hidden warcamp and captured humans. Meet the last Shaman of Blackscale, directs them to Temple of the Heretics.
  • June 18th. Party enters the abandoned Temple of the Blackscale Heretics and conforts the Death Cleric Kaus and defeat him
  • June 19th. Party leaves the dungeon and is confronted by Blackscale the Ancient Dragon who takes the Orb of Black Dragon control from their possession. Xandark is shown images of the destruction of Prydesden by many dragons of all colors.
  • June 20th-29th. Party uses downtime in Seaside to craft, rest.
  • June 30th. Nitecrawler arrives back in Seaside from Prydesden with supplies and party meets a new member, Reverend. They bump into some Zhentarium in the tavern and Kaden’s help is requested by an acquaintance from his village.
  • July 1st/2nd. Party agrees to escort Findarie’s 3 wagon caravan to Deep Silver mines on their way to Briar’s Glen village. Attacked by Owlbear and then Orc highwaymen. Make it to Deep Silver and deliver goods and receive horses to travel to Briar’s Glen by way of Crossroads.
  • July 3rd. Party sets out from Deep Silver to head to Lord Benlor’s Keep which is the halfway point and overlooks the safety of the roads. Discovered the Keep had been overrun by evil and haunted, cleared it and found no trace of the Lord…just evidence of greater evil.
  • July 4th. Party sleeps inside the haunted keep. Buries the dead in the morning and sets out quickly to Crossroads to get magical healing for Xandark. They get to the city and travel the Temple of Torm where Xandark is healed. Reverend & Skyfel join High Cleric Tanka back to Lord Benlor’s keep.
  • July 5th. Party learns that a Beholder named ‘Xist’ is the flaming eye and also local remote gravesites have been desecrated during the full moon. Party finds evidence to prove the innocence of an elf that is to hang for the gravesite crimes and conspiring against the town. The Party tracks down the source of the evil while being surrounded by the walking dead and finds a portal to a city with Companies of undead coming thru it. They race back to Crossroads to aid the defense of the city, after attempting to interrogate the Elf prisoner again.
  • July 6th. Party defeats the undead invasion and drive Kaus out of the city. The town along with Lord Governor Foster’s Keep have sustained heavy damage. He gives the party a reward for staying to defend the city and recommends they get out before the town turns on them for bringing the devastation.

Reverend & Cleric Commander Tonka return to town to meet up with the group and reveal visions about what transpired at Lord Benlar’s Keep. Sheena takes the party to speak with the local sage Kalvert to identify their magic items and discover the powers of ‘Roar’.

  • July 7th. Overnite while at camp the party is ambushed by a group of local orcs that are cut down quickly. When asked why they attacked, the orc responds that we are in their territory. The Party continues to Glen Briar and devises a ruse to move in closer and get a look in the village and Mines by claiming they are slavers who have caught the escaped Skyfel. Things go sideways quickly and the party ends up cutting down the thugs and storming the foundry, and defeat a large Fire Elemental that was powering the foundry.
  • July 8th. Party heads to the Iron Mines of Briar’s Glen and slays Young Green dragon. After looting they head deeper into the mine’s back entrance and are ambushed by the Mage who is defeated but gets away. The party finds and destroys another Eye of Charm. They flank back to the main entrance and find the slaves are free and fighting, the party destroys the rest of the slavers and everyone is set free. They find the statue remains of Johan & Maeren.
  • July 9 thru Aug 8. Downtime 30 days. Kaden remained in Briar’s Glen to commune with Marean. Trigal went back into the wilderess to search for his Tribe’s sword. The rest of the party ventured back to Crossroads to work on tradeskills.
  • Aug 9 – 11th. The Party was summoned by Lord Governor Foster on a mission; to find out what happened to his tax collectors sent to the village of Dunlap and to collect his taxes. The party found the village had been besieged by bandits and had colluded with a Vampire Lord for protection.
  • Aug 12th. Party traveled to seek out the bandit lair. They found the lair and started killing hobgoblins but were starting to be overwhelmed when 4 bugbears and a Hobogoblin mage joined the fight, along with the druid they encountered in the road ambush. Venric shows up and starts ripping hobgoblins apart and fireballs a large group of them. After the fight is over, he leaves the party alone and says that Dunlap will not need him anymore.
  • Aug 13 – Sept 13th. Party travels back to Crossroads to debrief Lord Governor Foster. They head back over to Briar’s Glen to pickup Kaden & retrieve Wojtek’s new Greendragon Scale Mail armor. They then head out to Greyrush. During their time spent in Greyrush, they learn that a gnome archeologist has gone missing along with a small band of dwarves he hired. Later, a scout from that band returns and the Guild President requests Norik take care of the matter of finding the lost band.
  • Sept 15th. Party works their way thru the Temple of the Iron hand, defeating the Guardian. While resting the Guardian implores Norik to help defend the Temple from an intruder. The Party finds their way to the chamber to find Kaus has stolen the Iron Hand so they engage and defeat him. They discover he is actually a Bright Elf and he apologizes and gives them critical info with his dying breath before he bamfs into a pillar of yellow light.
  • Sept 16th – Oct 15th. Party takes downtime in Greyrush to train and take a rest.
  • Oct 16th. The party starts traveling out of Greyrush to find an adventure and stumble onto one. They hear the scream of a dying man and follow the trail of attackers to a dark ruin. They vanquish the mage Terasec who disappears and are then beaconed to travel thru a portal. The meet Hnossi the merchant and he gives them all a reward and lets them travel to the Wishing Well to make a wish.
  • Oct 17th – Oct 23rd. During the nite, Trigal is contacted by his tribes Shaman and told that someone has kidnapped children from the village. The party journeys far Northeast, passing thru the Kingdom of the Maine and into nomans land. They come across a Hobgoblin Arena where beasts battle. The save the children from fighting a Tiger before being throw into the arena themselves. The Hobgoblin Boss wisely lets them go before too many of his pets are slain.

*Oct 24th. Party helps farmers around Hoffstead track down and kill Trolls that had been ravaging the local farms.

*Oct 25-29th. Party is approached by River Spirit to help in some family matters. The Party defeats the Young Swamp Spirit, Agatha, and treks thru the Swamp to before negotiating with Elder Swamp Spirit, Suzette, to gain access to extra swamp water to bolster the Algune River in exchange to have her middle Sister return and visit.

*Winter. Party starts construction of Dragon’s Eye Company Oupost north of Hoffstead.

*March 1st – 20th. Party escorts sickly Wojtek to his home village of MoonDale in the Elven lands. FIght thru Devils and find the fate of the stranded Elven VIllage. Party defeats Devil’s Leader and ally of Witch-Queen, Nisroch, temporarily before the shield protection village falls. Alucard sacrifices himself to help party teleport away.

*March 30th. 2 Refugees stagger into outpost and party scouts for their dark assailants.

Timeline of Events

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