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Meet the Group

Kaden, Nibbles, Norik, Wojtek, Reverend, Rozlyn, Skyfel, Trigal

Willbur, Orren McGreggor

Longo, Xandark

Timeline of Events

Leveling Progress & Creatures Encountered

Where They’ve Been

Seaside Village
Town of Crossroads
Briar’s Glen Village, Halfling Village, Kaden’s hometown
Town of Greyrush

Friends and Allies

Thorgrim Coastcarver
Sheena the Bard
Cleric Commander Tonka
Kelbert the Sage

Nemeses, Enemies and Rivals

Gizzix the Beholder, The Flaming Eye
Venric Gault, Vampire Lord
Kaus the ArchCleric of Death (Defeated)

Contacts, Dealers & Sources

Lord Governor Foster of Crossroads
Blackscale the Ancient

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